Saturday, September 8, 2012

Assignment 2


You briefly met with a college recruiter last week, and you reviewed a number of questions to ask about colleges. This must have gotten you thinking about your future, so tell us about it: Without any strict requirements, write about your expectations, goals, fears, concerns, questions that you have concerning your future in college. Additionally, now that you know that recruiters want to hear about you and your intellectual interests and pursuits, how do you think being an aware Academic Leader will give you an advantage when applying to the college of your choice? Good luck!


Even before meeting with the college recruiter last week, I have been thinking about my future and setting very important and strict goals to achieve my objectives. I am definitely thinking about going to college in the United States and I plan to become a mechanical engineer. Ever since I got to middle school I have tried, and most of the time succeeded, to keep my grades above 90, which before was the requirement to get into the high honor roll. I also am willing to do anything necessary to help me achieve my goal. The only fear I have about getting into college is not being able to keep up with all the work seniors go through before graduating. I believe that the qualities of an Academic Leader are actually the qualities colleges look for when selecting their students and will definitely be a strong quality to have. Strong leadership is something societies like STUCO and NHS require and I doubt graduation into college is any different.

The following article talks about what academic leadership means and is written by our wonderful teacher, Mr. Tulley:

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