Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Post 3- Time Management

Blog Post 3- Time Management

Assignment 1:
Think about what you’ve learned, and write down the skill(s) you want to work on during the next few weeks.

Based on what we learned during Ms. Terrell´s time management themed class, I have formulated a list of a few things I plan to work on to improve academically and, eventually, throughout the rest of my life. The thing I regret the most about the way I manage my time is, although I never miss any assignments,  the constant procrastination. I tend to leave projects and assignments to the last few days before the due date and end up sterssing out. For this reason I have decided to distribute my time more effectively and, to keep my self on track, record these work hours down on my iPad callender. I have also set the following goals: avoiding to start my homework way too late, take more advantage of the time given in school and doing some more work on friday so that my weekend has a lot more free time.

Assignment 2: Write a paragraph in which you reflect on the time management goals you set on 19/20 Sept. In your paragraph, include whether or not you met your goals, any problems you had, any successes you had, and anything you learned. Also include an updated version of your goals based on your experience.

It has been a few weeks and I have been doing my best to follow my goals. I am especially proud of how I was finally able to decrease my amount procrastination I experience. Lately, due to this, the feeling of having homework stacked up to the roof has completely vanished and I have much more free time then before. Besides my goal involving procratination, I have also begun doing my homework as soon as I get home and decreased the amount of time I stay on the internet during the week. However, in consequence to my french lessons, I was still not able to finish my homework on Friday and my weekend is not as free and stress-free as I expected it to be. Therefore, I have decided to abandon this idea which, based on current events, has no chance in succeding and thought up a new goal:  To do most of the work towards the beggining of the week, causing each day that follows gradually less intense homework-wise.   

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