Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blog Post #4

Topic/ Assignment:"What does the re-election of President Barack Obama mean for me and the world?"


       Barack Obama, besides affecting his own country, also has influences world wide. The fact he is president of the wealthiest country economically has several repercussions on the entire world. To myself however, at this current time, I do not feel like it impacts my life on a large scale. The one thing that does benefit, not myself, but my country, though, is the fact that Romney planned on exploring and using South America, and Obama's election prevented that.
    One major thing that this election does affect, though, is the situation in the middle east. With Obama in power, Israel will be benefited, since he chose to support it, countries will not have to fear having American troops in their territory and he will continue tackling the emission of greenhouse gases, which not only benefits the US, but the entire planet.
    On the other hand, Obama's re-election does not please Pakistan, which is still infuriated due to invasion of American troops in the Osama Bin-Laden mission.

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